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Does a small business need a website?

Does a small business need a website?

Having an online presence is fast becoming a defined part of our culture and is one of the most defining tools used by everyone in today's society. How does small business access these customers and give themselves the ability to increase revenue?

The answer is quite simple a business that is digitally branded well, using an up to date website, engaging customers through social media and using some SEO techniques is well on the way to capturing the attention of their market segment. These elements are dependent on each other and need to work cohesively for the business's online presence to be successful.

Why is digital branding needed?

A congruent display of your brand identity is paramount when trying to engage your customers. Having your consistent brand image showcased across all platforms  displays the businesses personality with a seems way to find you else when needs to be achieved.

Customers online don't like jarring experiences if they feel anxious or awkward they will exit the space immediately. Digital designers (graphic designers) are worth their weight in gold if they understand these concepts and are able to understand the persona your brand needs to create an indelible  mark on your audience.

Impressive digital branding creates a memorable affiliation for your customers that will not be easily forgotten and encourages interaction and a belief that the service or product you provide will benefit their requirements.

Does a small business need a website?

It appears a majority of small business owners are of the belief that they don't need a website. A recent survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics highlighted that only 37% of small businesses had an online presence.

Why is that the current situation? Is it that they say: “we don’t need a website.”  We decided to ask ourselves Does a small business really need a website?, and after researching the hypotheses we came up with the following reasons for a business not to have a website.

  1. Customers don't need to find out about your brand.
  2. Your monthly revenue is so high it is not really required.
  3. Any potential customers don't use the internet. 

In all seriousness, a website no matter how large or small the business is should be designed to give customers an engaging experience that will increase your exposure for free. The biggest advantage a website has is it is always accessible you are in affect open 24/7,  keeping the purchaser informed about what exciting products and services you provide.

Your customer service actually increases because you can share information with your visitors in real time, they can get their questions answered without requesting any of your direct time.

What is the reason for Social Media?

Social Media gives you the power to engross current and potential customers in your brand, they can voice their concerns and/or appreciation for the product and service you offer. This increases the development of brand awareness, loyalty, and trustworthiness and fights the  visceral fear an uninitiated customer has to a new brand they have discovered.

By the use of targeted social media networking that showcases your work, your audience will be connecting with you and ultimately driving traffic to your website ranking it better and increasing conversions and leads.

So with a little effort in the beginning and some well thought out social interaction your business can increase its online presence helping you to get brand loyalists to do the work for you.

Small business needs a website with a web design that enhances your brand more that ever. So that potential customers will start to trust your business and will purchase your services or products.