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Homepage features every website must have

Homepage features every website must have

While designs for websites vary greatly, in fact no two are completely alike, there is a general feature list that can be replicated to ensure your site has everything a great website needs. You may have heard of the term User Experience or UX. All that really means is the procedure of increasing and upgrading user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and desirability provided in the interaction with a website. So how we as humans work with an online medium has been the study of many designers past and present. We expect to use a site in a particular way and intuitively need to do so for our experience to be beneficial. Let’s break down the basic homepage and make a checklist of what to include.

Homepage Header features

  • Domain

When selecting your domain/URL (Uniform Resource Locator)/internet address, try to make it easy for your customers to remember. If you’re not sure if the name you want is available go to and type it in, if it is taken they will generate other options to choose from. The difference between a .com and a address? The .com option is called a top-level domain (TLD) and represents commercial content and is the words most common domain. Adding part is a ccTLD or Country code and is a good option for Australian businesses especially if the .com address is taken.

make your homepage url easy to remember

  • Favicon

What is a favicon I hear you ask? Have a look at the browser address bar, where the current URL is displayed. See that icon at the start? Most websites will and should have a small graphic at the beginning depicting their logo or at least their colours.

  • Logo

Be sure to include a high quality version (a PNG file works best) of your business logo using your branding colours.

  • Tagline

A tagline usually describes what your business does in the shortest form possible, think “Just do it”, “Should have gone to Specsavers”, “Fresh food people” and the brand is associated with these few words.

  • Call to Action

Add a Call to Action button on your homepage. This button might be a link to make a booking, buy something, sign up for free, watch a video, show your portfolio. Whatever you want your website visitor to do when they first arrive at your site, make that your CTA.

  • Menu navigation

You can have 2 types of menu, static and dropdown or a combination of these. Try to keep your menu as easy to follow as possible, and group like-minded categories together which helps with the UX of your site.

Body features

  • Slider or image

On your homepage highlight your most important point of your business and reiterate you call to action. If you are using stock images try to make it unique by overlay text, adding a filter or cropping out a section. If your budget allows invest in some professional photography or videography and further reinforce your brand story with your business style strong and clear.

  • Main features

feature each facet of your business, service or product, let your customer know what else you can help solve for them.

  • Quality content

Write something meaningful for your audience, and underline all that your business does to address the problems your customers face.

  • Links to other pages on website

Use this area to tell your customers where they can find answers, within your own site, this keeps them on your site longer and you’re more likely to engage them with more information.

  • Newsletter signup

start or grow your email list by encouraging visitors to sign up or better yet add a lead magnet, offer to send a sample, checklist, pdf, a discount code just for signing up to your email list.

  • Testimonials or reviews

Showcase your positive reviews from satisfied customers right on your homepage, this builds trust and increases buyer confidence.

Footer features

  • Contact information

Clearly display your business address, best contact phone number and email or a contact form.

  • Business hours

If you have an office, salon or shop front let your customers know when you are open and they can contact you on site

  • Social media accounts

Link directly to your various accounts

  • Footer menu

repeat your navigation menu here, especially if your top menu isn't visible after you scroll.

Homepage features every website must have infographic
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