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Local Business Talks Digital - Kirstie Stockx

Local Business Talks Digital - Kirstie Stockx

Recently we met and spoke with Kirstie Stockx, a digital savvy entrepreneur and busy mum of two. Kirstie has a passion for helping new mums to feel supported and thrive on their motherhood journey.

Tell us a little about your business
I’m Kirstie Stockx, founder of ‘Self Care for Mums’ and author of ‘Self Care for New Mums: A Practical Four Step Guide for New Mothers’. I’m an educator that specialises in personal well-being for mums with young kids. I’m an author, speaker and mentor for mums who want to feel confident and happy. I’m currently a sole trading business owner and mother of two beautiful girls. One of which is a young baby and the other in almost ready for kinder.

How long has the business been established & what is your background?
I spent a few years after Miss A’s birth researching and writing my book, publishing it late last year. After the birth of Little L I knew I needed to really focus on my passion which lies at the crossroads of personal wellbeing/self care and mothers with young children. Hence the new business name and website… ‘Self Care for Mums’ I’m traditionally a teacher and coordinator. I specialised in Health, Science, English and Maths.

Before I became a teacher I started a group called ‘Frog’ it was basically a sisterhood of women that supported and empowered each other to live our best possible lives. I often ran lessons and would research a lot about personal development and self care. 'Frog' still runs today, approaching almost 10 years since it was established. I actually recommend that mums create their own sisterhood group outside of their mums groups.

I fell pregnant in 2012 and soon became a new mum to a gorgeous little girl. I was thrown into the deep end with a wakeful, frequent feeder (every hour or so, day or night). I started drawing on my existing knowledge and developed ways to cope. I started talking to other mothers and realised that many mothers are having a really hard time during this time.

I knew that self care was vital to mum and bubs and their new journey

At this point I started researching, writing and eventually published‘Self Care for New Mums: A Practical Four-Step Guide for First Time Mothers’. I’m currently working on a series of products and resources to further support new mothers and mums with young kids.

How important is social media for your business & what’s your biggest challenge with it? 
Social media has been vital to my business. In the beginning when I was writing my book I reached out to mothers using Facebook and Survey Monkey and had over 500 mothers complete surveys… this gave me some wonderful insights for my book. I reach almost all of the mothers that purchase my products and I connect with them through my monthly Tribe newsletter or via social media, mainly Facebook and Instagram. The biggest challenge with campaigns on social media is creating an advert or post that truly represents the value of the offering. The wrong wording or a different image can have a huge impact.

Self Care for New Mums - available from

How important is your website for your book sales? If you could do it all over again is there anything you would change?
Extremely important! My previous website had slow loading times and it significantly impacted my book sales. A high functioning website that loads quickly, looks professional and flows easily for the user is essential. These were my goals while creating my new and current website.

What questions would you like to ask a web design/digital marketing person?
What is the easiest way, with a limited budget to create social media campaign that perfectly describes how I can help mothers, in a non salesy way. A campaign that converts because they can truly see the value of what I offer?

Where do you see your business this time next year?
I truly feel that I’m on the brink of a huge shift. This time next year, I will be making a substantial amount of book, product and mentoring sales. I will be on the lips of mothers, they will talk about what I do and how I help mothers. They will recommend my book and also recommend my exciting ‘mum-focused gift pack’ that I’m currently working on.

You can contact Kirstie Stockx from Self Care for Mums or purchase her book here

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