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One page website for small business

One page website for small business

Many industries have great potential to use a one page website to attract potential customers. From trades to visual arts, many businesses are trying to access your market segment. There are some things that can make you stand out from the rest and increase your exposure. A one-page website is nothing new but in this article, we will explore ways to maximise your potential online.

Having a one page website that displays all that your business offers can help potential customers see who they are engaging with and the benefits from doing business with you. It gives you a powerful tool to amplify who you are, what you are doing, how you can assist and how others see you.

What does my one page website design need?

Let's start with the ability to display your information that is niche to the market segment. Using engaging visual aids like images and video, is always beneficial. Communicating your personality to a customer is helpful as this allows a potential client to see who they are dealing with. When a web designer creates a design for you, they usually try to create the following outcomes to promote the businesses brand.

  1. Make sure the web design and content amplifies your personality 
  2. The information needs to be relevant to the market 
  3. Don't make your content overly excessive 
  4. Give the information context so the customer understands it
  5. Make the web design clear to read and follow
  6. Explain what your brand stands for
  7. Make all your contact details very easy to find 
  8. Display your recent work and the skills you have to create it

As you can see a one-page designed website really can display sufficient information. The advantage to your brand is the ability to display authority and give confidence to the person looking at the website that you can be trusted.

I now have a great web design, what's next?

Once you have completed these steps you are now in a position topromote your site. Encourage others to see what you have done. When potential clients engage with you about your services or products but have not completely made up their mind, now you have a tool that has all of the above attributes to give you a chance to close the deal. Yes, if someone can see the benefits for themselves visually, it will give you the edge over your competitors. Having a one page website will only benefit your business and promote your brand further.

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