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Search Engine Optimisation for my local business

SEO for my local business

SEO is still relevant for local business in today's world of mobile phones and desktop computers. Small and large business miss out on so many opportunities to create business leads by using SEO for their local geographical area. With some simple changes to a website the business owner can help their business expose products and services to potential customers and increase results.

How do I perform Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for my local business?

All businesses can use phrases that describe their products and services in their market segment. The pertinent use of these terms and phrases employed in the text contextually exhibits itself to search engines promoting your goods or service.

When adding these phrases to a website some research would be strongly recommended. As business owners we believe we understand our potential leads or clients, however if they are using different terminology when searching for your business it will not be found. As an example, if you use a search engine to find the 'web designer' in your area and all the text on my website referenced 'website builder' but never 'web designer' neither Google or Bing might realise what it is you are looking for. This situation is real and is very easy to fix by getting relevant and contextual information about your customers likes and phrases they might use to search for you and add it to your website.

If a local business is specialising in a geographical area, using local land marks or town names in your content about your business is very important. Also adding yourself to Google Maps and Bing Places helps search engines and customers locate the local area where you are situated and allows the search engines to rank the business based on its geographical area. This is a great geo location post by moz website

Making sure your websites software is up to date and set to industry standards is important. As the web changes search engines need your software as modern as possible, this allows the reading of your website to be clear and informative and user friendly for customers to search for you.

The businesses contact details are essential and need to be easily found. If you are a small business they should be on the front page ideally, and available from any subsequent pages your customer visits, if they have to search too much they might give up and look elsewhere. You want your customer to use this service as promoting this action to the search engines helps with ranking.

Duplicate or stolen information we recently got caught by this badly we had content on seven pages that were nearly exactly the same except we changed the geographical areas in the text..but did we pay. One of the search engines moved us back five pages in 10 days, it took us a while to work out what had happened. Once we made all the text on those pages original it took two weeks to recover our ranking position. The lesson we learnt?... don't duplicate information.

By doing these small things you will find your website interactions and customer engagement and will increase. If you want Purencool to test you websites current situation according to SEO in your local area drop us a line we'd love to hear from you.