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Should small businesses use social media as a marketing tool?

Should small businesses use social media as a marketing tool?

Social media is one of the many tools that can be used to market to local business and customers. These tools are affecting the way marketing is being done. Not only is it integrated into almost every website but businesses have found ways to use it to fix issues with their brands and even to help unhappy customers with issues they may have. Small businesses are only starting to adopt these tools. It can help businesses in so many ways from branding through to a company's' reputation. We have compiled a list of things that all small businesses could consider when taking steps to use social media.

1.Social Media can help with word of mouth

Small and local business rely on customers giving good reports to others about the service or product they provide. Social media can be used in a similar way. Encouraging discussions by having a presence on social media tools that are right for your business goals will help in this regard.

2. Have a good social media reputation

You can find out how your customers really feel. At times there may be customers that are not fully satisfied with your service for whatever reason. Being a part of the conversation assists this issue and can protect your brand, and allows you as the owner to know exactly what is going on. 

3. Get personal with your online audience

Having the ability to know the people you are engaged with online as well as in your local community really helps when using social media. Be able to know what your audience does in your local space and promote them when applicable. It is a fantastic way to get referral leads for your own business.

4. Prioritise customer service

When dealing with customers that are part of your local environment, whether on or offline, there are times they will vent their frustrations about your brand. Seeing this on social media is a great tool to rectify the situation straight away. Making them the priority shows your brand is genuine and the audience you are encouraging will see the business values all customers and are will to go the extra mile. The long-term benefits of the connections you have on your social network include your customers taking you seriously and mentioning you in a positive light to others. 

5. Don’t underestimate the selling power of a hashtag

If you are on social media make sure you use #hashtags. They put your posts, tweets, images, and other forms of content into a category so anyone searching that topic will be able to see you. On social we use on every post the hashtags #business #smallbusiness #design and others and this not only creates a link to people, but has created conversations and leads to promoting products and services. Others you could use for an example #plumbing #farmer, whatever relates to your content, you get the idea.

6. Recognise that social media and mobile go hand-in-hand

Like it or not mobile smart phones are used for social media all the time and they are a great way to engage as well as develop new content relevant to your brand. By using them to display work you are doing or going to do allows others in your audience to see what projects you are currently working on. It is another way for those to remember you and the brand you are representing.

Knowing these things extends your brand well past the initial marketing circle. Please use these tips wisely and if would like more information about how small business can use social media as a marketing tool, look for these further posts.