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Small business website design ideas

Hitting your target market

What should you look for in a small business website when getting a designer to build you something that will help you when making your online presence a reality?  Make sure that they understand the needs of your customers, this is crucial. So before talking to your website designer and developer make sure you have thought about the following

Where are my small business customers? 

A website can be displayed all over the world but your customers might not be the entire planet. Most small businesses are based in a local geographical area. Our clients in Melbourne, Bendigo and the Goldfields of Maldon and Castlemaine. With this information we tailor our website toward these areas.


Does small business need a large website?

Most small businesses will never need a large website. What small businesses need to consider however is Is the information is relevant? When they decide to engage a small business website designer the information that is important to the customer will really stand out. If a  Macedon Rangers hairdresser does not open on Mondays letting their clients know this would be a priority.  Letting the website designer know this vital information would assist in the design of the website.


Website Branding for small business

If a small business knows its brand well it makes the website designer really happy.  A small businesses brand is who they are. Go to a website designer with logos, colours and ideas of what you and your customers expect from your brand, it will assist the website designer to continue your brand seamlessly across all your business marketing.

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