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When and how to use a Content Management System

Different CMS Examples

As a business, what are your needs when it comes to a Content Management System?(See purencools CMS and tools to create great websites)If you are a small business or large corporation having your business website content organized in a way that allows customers and the people managing is a must. It assists in your marketing strategy and internal processes. The only difference is the scale in which the content is structured so it can be displayed in an easy and cohesive way.

Small to Mid-Sized Business Content Management Scenarios

Small to mid-sized business websites needs can look simple and at the start they usually are, but as more and more information is added or the websites focus grows or focuses the business in another way, it will affect the way the information is seen.Business sites are usually arranged in the formats seen below.

  • Business brochure website to inform customers
  • A Business website with basic interactivity
  • Mid-sized Intranet to broadcast ideas to employees


Mid-Range Content Management Scenarios

As a business or company grows so does their website. It will be proportionality more complex, a website that once was hundreds of pages will turn into thousands. At this point Content Management System composition and planning will be the priority. The goal of a CMS is to allow the user to find information. This can only be achieved with the content being shaped with them in mind. The business website starts to become an application that is designed to communicate ideas and objectives that will allow a visitor to see and communicate ideas of your business goals and aspirations. The type of content that will be created is

  • An enterprise-level Intranet to broadcast and communicate to employees.
  • A website designed with functionality and features encouraging interactive marketing.
  • Micro websites that are encompassed by the companies website and its direction.


Complex Content Management Scenarios

When do you know if your company has content management that has become complex?Is the website an application that has millions of page hits? It could involve e-commerce or a global intranet that are all one domain. At this point the content will need to be overseen and manipulated by teams of people. There will be complex development with content modeling and governance structures these sorts of scenarios can be seen in large corporate situations.

As can be seen content comes in various types with different complexities. For business this can be easily controlled by using a Content Management System and content blueprint will help your online business growth. Here are some examples of the Drupal CMS being used in different content management scenarios .

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