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Why does a business need a website?

Why does a business need a website?

Even though we are in 2016, many businesses are trying to be competitive using five or ten year old marketing methods.  'My business is on Facebook and that's working for us, so why do we need a website?'. Have you experienced a business saying that?.

If you are in small business or a company there are many advantages to having your own website and making it work for you. Business today will employ teams of web designers and web developers to ensure they are a prominent part of the online space, why? The reason is simple, they know that 90% of potential customers are online trying to find them.

A website is the new brochure

Recently we caught up with a graphic designer about their business and asked how it has changed over the last 20 years. He categorically stated the internet has changed how he operates. Brochures are virtually obsolete and potential customers will first and foremost spend most of their time searching the internet to try and find a service or product before they even walk through your door. Yes it does not matter what type of business you have, an online presence is really crucial to your success.

That is not to say brochures are completely void however they are being usurped by the internet, customers are hungry for information and now have more freedom to compare and choose who they will do business with, so going digital is definitely worth the investment.

Get more customers

Anything that exposes your brand in a positive light and gives the customer what they require enhances the brand and the overall profitability of your businesses.

An electrician that loves being on the front page of Google in his local area said "I get all sorts of new clients through my website but the best are the weekend emergency jobs.'' Yes customers in an emergency found and engaged this electrical because not only because he was online and appears on the first page in a search, he communicated convenience to the customer, giving them what they needed when they needed it.

Your website becomes an authority

This does sound very narcissistic "You need to be an authority", it's not that you are boasting about being the best, but you fully understand your product or service and you are able to execute it well. The way to get this authority is to create information about the subject and communicate it your audience, let people know what you are up to.

It could be as simple as taking photos of a job you just completed and then posting to your website with a small caption discussing the who, what, where, and how on the photo. 

The more you do this the more you create context and relevance about the subject matter. Not only will visitors to your website see the type and standard of your work and relevance, search engines will love and use the content to help your ranking.

Websites need to display your work 

Photos and videos are so easy to upload and display the information that you want your market to see. Customers love visuals, videos especially.

On average 57% of mobile users watch videos weekly

Anything that will enhance your brand and give customers what they are looking for is really important. 


Helps focus the brands marketing plan

A website will tell you a lot about how your marketing plan is going. Why is this the case? Information that you communicate to your customers on your website is about what services and products you provide. If you were to write some content or display a video on your website today, the thoughts and actions would come straight from the marketing plan. They are closely connected and if your marketing plan is not clear it will affect your ability to broadcast on your website.

It reduces your marketing costs when you don't have to send brochures, the information is online already through your website. Updating information is a breeze, it stays relevant to your business and all this then creates context to your brand.  As well as lowering the costs of printed material and other contractors getting involved, your marketing is nimble and you can pivot quickly when then need arises.

Accessing the big guys market

If you are branded with a beautifully designed website, and constantly adding information about products or services,  you can compete with other business with a large reach. How, you ask? Search and social media don't care about your budget, they want to know if you are relevant and have authority on your services or products. The ability to expose your brand to new markets increases and with little or no extra effort to your current marketing plan.

Another benefit is your online marketing plan runs 24/7 without needing to call anyone to help you print something. A marketing plan that never stops is what every business needs, a marketing plan that is constantly promoting your products, events , special offers, press releases, and answering questions your customers frequently ask. A custom website can do all this for you and more.

Have a real email  

Do you use Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo to allow customers to contact your business? What about having a customised email address? When you own your own website you have the ability to create specialised email addresses like "" this allows you to play with the big guys and reinforce that you have the authority making your brand a cohesive, professional and polished package.

Having a website today is a basic necessity for business and will only help to promote the quality of your services and products to an increasing broader audience.

What are you waiting for? Your customised professional website is closer than you think, contact us today to discuss how your business can benefit from having a website.

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