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Silex, Drupal Site building, Theming, and Hosting

Drupal site building

Need a Drupal website with a lot of functionality? We have experience with a wide range of modules and understanding of how they work together to solve a particular problem. We have used these configurations to develop websites in ecommerce, intranet, online applications and professional business websites for large companies.

Silex development

Purencool is able to develop a website using Symfony2 tools for websites, Rest services and other online driven API's when Drupals large extensible module environment can not be used.

Tpl or twig theming

Using twig or tpl theming layers  we can develop websites that are responsive allowing for greater exposure on mobile phones and tablets.With an eye for detail and functionality that can be used in many types of browsers we have the ability to convert psd layouts into twig or tpl. This allows for the different layout of content and formatting of a design using CSS, jQuery and HTML (and tools that generate them)

Hosting and deployment environments

Purencool can develop and deploy websites in a number of environments for example Pantheon, VPS, shared hosting and Docker. Purencool have managed Linux services for other clients like&Jenkins, Apache2, Nginx, Mysql, Mariadb, FTP, SMB and others. We have extensively used all of these from a development environment to managing and deploying code to production.

Development of code

We predominantly develop all code using the Linux OS in a development environment. Code creation is achieved by using PHP IDEs ( for code completion, formatting and commenting ), Xdebug and LAMP stack.All code is managed using package management systems like Drush or Composer and is stored in Git version control.

Front-end development is developed in an IDE and is tested on different browser types including IE, Safari and Chrome. We prefer to use SASS (compass) but can develop in LESS. 

We use PHP standard or PSR-2 to PSR-4 for all object orientated projects.  We have a strong understanding of PHP object orientated code, namespacing and dependency injection as well as adding libraries using Composer to call on APIs that have already been developed by others to be used in the current project we are developing.

In Drupal we are capable of using the hook system and Drupal API to develop modules or alter the theme layer to create clean solutions to client problems. 

Project management and team development tools

Purencool can use systems and services to develop projects in a team environment or by ourselves  like JIRA, Redmine, Github, Gitlab and others that are similar.